Hollow Sacrifice

Game this weekend 12th April

Game on this Sunday at the usual bat time and channel etc. 7:30 pm (5:30pm Australian time), Sunday 12th April. Using maptools beta 48 and penny arcades vent server. Cya there =D

Session notes:

Visiblehowl and our new player, Ben, had their characters introduced into the party today. Bolaern got a mysterious letter that had him packing rapidly to go somewhere else (so he left).

Resting at the Monastery wasn’t quite as quiet as normal, as some undead ambushed a monk in the main room and probably had machinations towards the rest of the party. The creatures claimed they were sent there by Thoran, who has definitely upped the stakes a little bit it would appear. The wraith acting as their leader (or at least what seemed to be the leader), told the party that if they interfered with Thoran he would kill the lot of you. Nice chap as you can tell.

During the remainder of the night, there was a further strange event with a dream coming to the party as you slept (all members of the party got this).It showed Kuryon being brutally massacred by Thoran (or a creature that identified itself as such anyway), which rapidly turned out the next day to be something more than just an ordinary dream as Kuryon was found torn apart in the morning. Investigation of the corpse revealed it to be similar in mauling to what happened at the farmhouse (with the unidentified creature).

Additionally a message written in Kuryons blood, presumably from Thoran indicates that he is rather unhappy with your activities:

“Dare to approach my Tower again and I will see to it that you are next. I will regain what was taken from me and I will kill anyone who interferes….no cost is too great to me now….not this close… Be warned, I am watching you”

Additionally, Ouacif rapidly realised that Kuryon had lied to the party, he had in fact met Thoran before (based off the fact Kuryon recognised his attacker in the dream). Convincing the monks to search Thorans room, they found the following entries in a diary and a hexbag (which we’ll talk about later).

First entry, on meeting Thoran:

“I met a man calling himself Thoran today and was greatly…disturbed by our meeting. I have met many individuals here at Spellgard, many searching for Lady Saharel for various reasons and I have been pleased to assist. But this man, he spoke of sheer madness claiming that he needed to find Lady Saharel and bind her to “find his true soul” or some nonsense. He came with a wide variety of darker creatures and his flesh seemed…uncomfortable on his own body.”

“His presence disturbed me greatly and I observed that the large tree outside in the courtyard suffered permanent damage, as if it had rotted away, just from his presence. None of the other monks went near him and he smelled of rotting flesh, yet did not appear to be dead and his body was certainly alive. After his questioning about Lady Saharel, he seemed to be disatisfied with my answers and he simply left. Several hours later others reported that he had assaulted and successfully barricaded himself with the Scepter Tower. What he is planning on doing I cannot say…but I have an extremely bad feeling about this….”

A second entry describes an unsuccessful attempt from Kuryon to learn more about Thoran.

“What was worse, was the undead abominations that raised afterwards. Everything, limbs, organs and more rose from the dead within a day as mawed abominations that even now plague some of the lower places within the Spellgard catacombs. Encounters with such creatures have invariably become…. fatal and I am reticent to allow or encourage others to enter…but what Lady Saharel told me….I must persist… Someone is fated to stop these things… it’s all coming true…”

Kuryon died because he knew something and what he knew isn’t exactly clear at this instance.



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