Hollow Sacrifice

Game this weekend 28th March

Game will be on 28th March from the usual times (5:30 Australian time and 7:30 New Zealand time). Let me know if there are any problems.

You’re currently on the second level of the ramparts in Spellgard, having had a difficult fight vs. some gravehounds and their wererat master. You’ll probably want to rest at this point.

At the end of every session, I suggest someone writes some notes about what happened and other things in the “game this weekend” portion of this site. So you can keep track of events and such forth. At the end of each session, the name of this can be changed to something else (I assume) so you can name it appropriately. EG: This is the session someone hilariously died to a bunch of kobold minions (as an example).

Session notes: You beat up some dudes in the bottom of the tower and now you are level 3! So make sure you work out what you are doing and such forth for that if you haven’t fully decided already. You then entered the basement circumventing some vicious wolves and fought off a group of wererats.

The guards had 50gp and a healing potion (from the fight upstairs). I haven’t given you the treasure from the fight downstairs yet.



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