Hollow Sacrifice

Previous story stuff

Here is a rough summary of what has happened thus far in the game:

On the riverboat to Loudwater your ship was attacked by some undead that were looking for two passengers, Saren and his Drow ally. After defeating them, you learned that they were delivering slaves to a group based in Loudwater and the surrounding region.

After breaking the slaving operation in Loudwater you discovered the purpose of these slaves were to send them onwards to Spellgard. They are being used by a man there called Thoran, who has holed himself up in the Scepter Tower and isn’t letting anyone in.

For some reason, he is searching for alabaster pillars scattered around the destroyed fortress.

Additionally, you know of a powerful spirit called Lady Saharel who is capable of divining almost anything asked of her. You need to email me your question (or just make it obvious what that question is) as I would think an encounter with the enigmatic spirit might be rather likely.



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