Kuryon (Deceased)

A half-elven man who runs the Monastery of the Precipice at Spellgard.


After journeying to Spellgard in search of lost Thayan relics and hidden lore, Kuryon had an encounter with Lady Saharel amongst the rubble that caused him to give up adventuring. What she said is unknown, but he has built and maintained a monastery on the site of Spellgard for some time, aiding adventurers in their search of the ruins. A formidable warlock in the past, he still maintains a high degree of magical aptitude and with the other monks that follow him, can hold their own against the incursions of undead from nearby Thay.

The appearance of Thoran, who assaulted the tower and has taken it for himself seems to have deeply unsettled Kuryon….

Has been killed by Thoran.

Kuryon (Deceased)

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