This is the OOC and general site for my campaign Hollow Sacrifice and here is the list of people playing as well as the time. We will be playing on a Sunday from 7:30-11:00pm on a Sunday Night New Zealand time. This is 5:30pm to 9pm Australian time, taken from Sydney (which is handily 2 hours behind NZ so early dinner you Aussies!).

Solidsnake – Human Paladin – (Defender)

Spacecow – Human Ranger – (Striker/Controller)

romanqwerty – Halfling Rogue – (Striker)

visiblehowl – Gnome Warlock – (Striker)

dropsofangst – Human Fighter – (Defender)

Ben – Human Cleric – (Leader)

The party composition up above is fine. The only book you need is the Players Hand Book.

This game begins on the 11th of January (which is a Sunday), so you have plenty of time. If you could let me know about your characters backstory and such that would also be good. Use Myth-Weavers for the character sheet, Maptools b48 and Ventrilo.

Any further questions feel free to ask. Don’t put you have “Amnesia” in your character history unless you want me to literally make anything up. The last player that did this discovered they were actually a woman and that they had been transplanted into the body of a man by a ritual. Oh and there were angry people hunting them down to kill them. So yeah.

Story related stuff is in the spoiler for good times. This should be thought of less as a full coherent narrative, but rather as a series of images that form an incomplete story. All of your characters know this information, but perhaps only know some of it or remember some parts more strongly than others. Perhaps it is a dream, perhaps a tale from a bard in a drunken stupor or perhaps there is some truth to it. Perhaps it is just a story or perhaps only parts of it are true.

That’s up to you to find out.

Ever since the young woman had died a man dressed in the finery of a lord or perhaps a king had sealed himself within his study and was barely seen for many a tenday. Over time he started to become increasingly erratic, prone to outbursts and even violence for the most minor of transgressions. One day, he emerged from his study carrying what appeared to be one of the oldest books among the families collection and demanded that all the servants and men at arms assemble. Within hours he had them all march towards the family tomb, where he exhumed her lifeless body himself and then march them all onwards into the darkness of a hidden tomb.

It was difficult to see what was ahead in the darkness of the ancient tomb, as no mortal had been within this place for centuries, perhaps even a millennium or even longer. The group of men shuffling their way through the dusty, crumbling hallways felt almost as unwanted invaders within a larger organism. At their front carrying the corpse within his arms was their lord and liege, who said nothing beyond ordering his men to be quiet.

For what seemed to be an eternity the gaggle of humans marched through ever deeper into the darkness, following out of a mixture of loyalty and fear. Finally they reached an immense stone door, etched with images of the dead and dying raising their arms in supplication. Many of those present exchanged nervous looks between one another and it seemed for a moment that their journey had ended – for nobody could hope to open such titanic doors. Before anyone could act, the doors split and with a terrible noise of grinding stone on stone, slowly swung open to reveal a huge chamber with naught but a single altar at its center.

“Come” the lords voice was cold, almost monotone as he instructed his assorted followers to move into the chamber with him. He walked silently to the center and placed the almost mummified corpse of his daughter, the only person who had ever made him at all happy, on the altar. Many minutes passed with nothing happening, except the sounds of the unknown ruler weeping softly piercing through the aura of fear and confusion as to this strange sight.

Without warning, the stone doors sparked back to life and ground against stone once more until they had slid back into position. The chamber was plunged back into absolute darkness, only the last few sunrods they had brought providing any sort of illumination. The lord stood motionless before he turned towards those who had followed him into this place.

“ sorry” he began, his voice cracking despite his previous cold sounding determination. “You have been loyal to me and served me very well. Now, I ask not just for your loyalty but…” he paused, his face hardening and his eyes flashing menacingly within the fading light “I must ask you for your lives as well. There is…there is no other way… Forgive me”.

Nobody even got to move before they descended upon them from nowhere. Shadows danced in the light of the sunrods, claws tore limbs from torsos, teeth ripped into soft necks and drank firmly of the rich blood that flowed forth. The men at arms drew their weapons and attempted to fight, but were torn apart like childrens dolls by the massive animalistic shapes in the darkness. Iron swords and plated armour proving no match for bestial fury and raw strength. Blood flowed over the floor, filling long since forgotten wells and pooling into individual letters, then words and then sentences.

Raising his arms, in much the same manner of those on the stone door, amongst the screams and the slaughter that surrounded him, the lord shouted a demand to some infernal power “I have given you a glorious sacrifice and now grant me what I desire!”

The darkness took form and surrounded the lord, extending bloodied tendrils of darkness towards him. A voice rang out through the chamber, it’s reverberations smashing stone and bursting the eardrums of mortals.

“I demand more”

A final scream rang out and was sharply silenced. Hours passed and then the stone doors slowly opened a final time…


Mechanical stuff for the campaign.

Books allowed are (for PCs): Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Players Hand Book: Mandatory. Definitely find a copy of this. Forgotten Realms Players Guide Adventurers Vault Martial Power (Highly approve) Players Handbook 2

Dungeon/Dragon stuff (permission required): Barbarian article Warlock Article Swordmage Article Gladiator Articles (but ask me first) Faerun Epic Destinies article (Elven High Mages ritual ability doesn’t apply to item creation rituals, no matter how clever your hamster). Adventurers of the Realms.

Not allowed stuff (definitely): Warforged. I just dislike them in Forgotten Realms and I just can’t see how they fit at all. This race is not permitted. Ritualists Ring. Stacking with Elven High Mage gets rid of this.

Anything else I can think of eventually.

Starting gold is 100.

Also, tell me your general DnD experience and such (if you’re new, played a lot of DnD and that sort of thing).

Hollow Sacrifice

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